Hypnotherapy, Coaching, Training, and Laughter Workshops


Linda Birnie is a registered clinical hypnotherapist, coach, and trainer.  


Linda Birnie established Thinking Space to enable people to benefit from a unique blend of hypnotherapy, coaching, training and laughter based activities. Linda is committed to providing choices in personal development and learning that are tailored to individual needs, engaging, realistic and fun. Linda believes that learning and development, at it's best, is a pleasure and a source of joy, freedom, and growth. Learning and development are also good for our wellbeing. 


Thinking Space training and development can support businesses and organisations.  This can benefit the outputs and outcomes of the company as well as the progress of individual staff. Packages of training and/or coaching can be developed to suit organisational needs and goals.


Are you ready to have more "Thinking Space"?

Talking through client requirements is the first step for all sessions. This initial discussion is free of charge, and free of obligation. This is an opportunity for Linda to find out what you are looking for, to listen to your requirements, and for you to find out more about how Linda works, and  get a feel for whether that would be a good fit for you at this time. 



Contact Linda Birnie to find out more 


07936 020 795 

Or use the Feedback tab on this site.

Or connect via Facebook @thinkingspacescotland.

Or connect with Linda Birnie via LinkedIn.



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